O'Brien's money (SPOILERS)

Didn't O'Brien (Stuart Whitman) jump off the crashed plane with a suitcase full of cash? I ask because nothing is explained about this anywhere in the movie. But later on, when the Stanley Baker character has him imprisoned in the pit, O'Brien offers to pay him to set him free -- obviously a reference to the money he has stashed.

Yet this is the only other reference to this cash...and since Whitman seems to be in a big hurry to catch the plane at the beginning, and risks his life to get the suitcase of money out of the plane when it's about to explode, something must have been going on. Has he robbed someone? And why isn't anything more made of this aspect? It seems like a plot point that deserved much more exposition and about which a lot more could have been made.


I don't know what you are talking about here????

I have seen this movie a number of times (indeed I have it on DVD) but I do not recall EVER seeing O'Brien with a suitcase full of money and no one else I have spoken to about the movie has said anything about this.

I think you are mistaken here and there never was a suitcase full of money, but when I find the DVD I will look at it again and check it up.


I had to watch the scene a second time to be sure, but it's actually a suitcase full of rifle cartridges, not cash.



O'Brien said that he had money, so when they eventually get rescued he would pay Bain to let him out now.

Bain didn't believe him, as it was just another ploy to try and get out of the pit.