Amazing cinematography

I just watched this movie last night. One thing that stood out far better than most other movies was the amazing cinematography. Scene after scene with the most incredible backgrounds. It's practically a postcard view every couple of minutes.


First, find your way to Prescott, Arizona. It's about 80 miles northwest of Phoenix, but you will drive nearer to 100 miles to get there. It is not a straight shot. Head north out of Prescott on State Route 89 towards Ash Fork. Eight miles out of town, near Prescott Airport, you will come to State Route 89A, Pioneer Highway. Turn right, eastward, and follow the highway.

It will take you through the ghost town, Jerome, and through Cottonwood, Sedona, and up the Oak Creek through Oak Creek Canyon. Beautiful scenery. Your drive will end in Munds Park where 89A joins up with I-17. Then you can continue north to Flagstaff (named after the Ponderosa Pine tree trunk that was turned into a flag staff to celebrate the Centennial in 1876) or go back south to Phoenix.

The best diplomat I know is a fully charged phaser bank.