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RAPTURE music available on CD

Film music scores composed by Georges Delerue
Arranged by Robert Lafond

Following A WALK WITH LOVE AND DEATH and THE UNPUBLISHED MUSIC OF GEORGES DELERUE, the Canadian label Disques Cinémusique have released in mid February a third new recording of Georges Delerue music produced by Robert Lafond, using digital sampling techniques. Two vintage scores of the sixties are grouped on this CD: INTERLUDE, a sentimental drama directed by Kevin Billington with Oskar Werner and Barbara Ferris, and John Guillermin's fascinating RAPTURE, starring the teenaged Patricia Gozzi.

It's a premiere on any disc format for the music from RAPTURE. As for INTERLUDE, a suite of unpublished music has been added to the original score, initially released on LP. In both cases, the approach taken by Robert Lafond remains close to the original arrangements, while offering an unsurpassable sound quality. The song Interlude (alsoknown as Time) is performed by Lina Boudreau. The 12-page booklet includes archival stills for RAPTURE and original illustrations by Jocelyne Robert for INTERLUDE.

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Disques Cinémusique
4426 Ernest-Gendreau St
Montréal, Qc
H1X 3J3 Canada


I have this CD and it is kind of disappointing. It's not the actual soundtrack from the movie but done either with MIDI instruments or a small orchestra and some of the notes in the main theme were not scored properly.


The ORIGINAL score is now available as of November 2011 from Intrada. Probably won't be around for long...


I now have a copy of the Intrada (20th Century Fox) CD and I'm delighted. The movie, in its original 1966 release in this country, served as an epiphany for me - introducing me in a stunning way to Delerue at the height of his power. Reading the jacket notes with this CD, and of course listening to so many cues from the movie, served vividly to remind me of the sheer impact of that film back in 1966. In my small way I then introduced it to an appreciative student audience (at Otago University, New Zealand) where it had a surprisingly long run and kept being brought back in later years in a 16mm print, confounding its distributors who had seen it disappear almost without a trace in commercial cinemas. Thank you, Mme Colette Delerue, for preserving your late husband's treasure on original studio recording tapes.
Nevertheless, I am also grateful to DCM for their ongoing efforts to rescue the unreleased works of Delerue. I am sure that this has helped to prompt the rediscovery of the original recordings, and in the meantime I have enjoyed DCM's interpretation. Indeed, my own view is that -far from being disappointing- the DCM version of "Time" (the title song from Interlude - on the same disc as DCM's fresh approach to "Rapture") is superior to the original rendition of the song.