Film's Interpretations

Never saw a film like this. I don't even wanna put the poster, I think some films are best left alone, knowing NOTHING as possible. If I would have read the entire description on TV it wouldn't have been as good.

I almost turned this off! I hated "Ale" so much I guess - I wonder if there's been any great films I didn't see because of a bad beginning. I couldn't get past 30 minutes of Blow-Up, anyway.

Very unpredictable film. I couldn't believe how passive the non-psychotic siblings were. I'm actually going to go back and watch the first few minutes since I hadn't quite established the relations at first glance.

This film could have used more script, interplay between the characters. That's my only criticism. Very thrilling, and pretty far-out for 1965 - incest, killing family members. You'd think they'd be on to him by now, but no, the oldest brother who seems to have a brain isn't hip to his evil at all until the end.

Full of evil, but I'm sure there are plenty of people out there happy that a rich parent died (not the Menandez Brothers), very dark film.

Also, it was a bit flawed that Gulia would have made that smile when she found out her brother was responsible for letting their mom fall off a cliff. Too cliche. Also wouldn't have had a face of horror, that too would be cliche. It would have been nice to have something in between, shock, confusion.

I also wonder if Augusto "gave in" so that he would be the sole beneficiary. He seems concerned for a minute, but then plays around with his fiance, trying to make-out, and then after they come back, he still trusts his brother with the car keys. Maybe he had his own plan, we hardly see Augusto, at least we never know his true intentions, he's always with someone else.

Also, what do you think of Ale in general. Was there anything you did believe? Did he really wanna "spare" Augusto - he's the only one he doesn't try to kill, but I think this is simply because he can't, and he's the only one without epilepsy to play games on.

I'll probably be adding more, as I'm re-watching a bit. I notice a real quick scene, the only one involving the epileptic siblings with other people. Ale goes up to see the city from the roof, and as he is noticed, a kid says "That's Alessandro. They're all crazy up there." and quickly leave. I think Gulia's alliance with him is also because he is more of a "father" figure. Augusto seems to scold more at Ale, even though it's his fault. Again, does he use Ale to do the dirty work he never asked to have done? I think with Augusto being the only sibling out of the four, we see he's socially fine. He has friends, and a beautiful fiance. His siblings don't have a single friend, which might be a reason I think Gulia tolerates so much, because she has no one else. Poor Leone seems mentally retarded, but he does squeeze in "It's torture living in this house" - and I think that's his only line.

I'm curious to hear your guys' opinions. I wish we could do more discussion, interpretation, maybe noticing things someone else didn't.

Leone is the only character who isn't bad or evil. In fact, he's so lonely that he tells his evil brother how he "missed" when Ale was just throwing a snowball nonchalantly.

Ale is definitely competing with Augusto for the sister's love, the man they "trust", even going so far to sleeping with his older brother's whore, and wanting to know how good he was, etc.