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Why Giulia's horror on the stairs?

After Ale kills his brother in the bath and Giulia finds him, she runs upstairs to Ale for help, but when she sees Ale she suddenly stops and stares at him with a wild expression and has a hysterical fit, falling back down the stairs.

She gave the impression she was looking at something horrible - I thought Ale had killed the cat in some hideous way (the cat had appeared in the previous scene and I was expecting it to happen) but all we were shown was Ale reclining in a dream-like attitude.

This didn't make sense to me. When Ale told her he'd killed their mother she didn't bat an eyelid, and she already knew about Ale's earlier plan to kill to them all so it can't have been a sudden shock and realisation that he'd done it. Neither had she shown too much concern for her other brother during the film.

Could it be that the thing she was horrified by was cut out, being too visually horrific? I suspect the cat was in the film to serve some ultimate purpose and can only imagine that Ale had done something ghoulish to it. What else would make Guilia so shocked?


Maybe there is something with the cat that was cut. My take, however-

True, she reacted coldly to the death of her mother, she's a very ambiguous character. When they're throwing her belongings out of the window, she's overjoyed to be ridding of what was cluttering their lives. Her mother, from her cold point of view, was the object keeping them from going further in their lives, keeping their brother from leaving them, and keeping them from growing (the mother asks an older boy if he wants candy when upset?). Also, the mother's statement before she's pushed off the edge seem to imply she knew what was coming, and that she wanted to die, and was glad to be assisted in her 'suicide'.

So, to the point, perhaps Giulia viewed her mother as someone who 'should' die, or believes that she wishes to die, but when it comes to the brother, she may view him as a more helpless victim due to his not being all there. It's easy for a cold individual to rationalize, but as the sister doesn't seem as detached as her brother, she may have accepted her mother's death, and believed all could be well following that. Her brother's death made things more "real" to her, and only in that moment of horror did she realize her brother's true brutality.

Maybe, anyway, best thoughts I have at the moment.

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haven't got much to add, agree with McMuan, but THAT LOOK on her face. wow. i am glad it's mentioned in its own thread.


IMO, The sudden horror on the stairs was because she thought that Leone had simply fallen asleep (or possibly had an attack, remember that Ale threw a glass of water on the bathroom floor?) and drowned in the tub, but as she was climbing the stairs she realized that Ale did it. Also, I'm not totally convinced that Giulia believed Ale when he told her that he killed their mother.

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Giulia wasn't seeing anything external when she looked up the stairs. No theoretically tortured cat is required to explain that expression.

She was perceiving that 1) Leon's death wasn't an accident, that Alesandro had done it, 2) his note before the drive wasn't just a prank, 3) he was dead serious about having killed their mother, which she might not have been absolutely sure of before, 4) even if the death of their blind ailing mother had benefits for them all, Ale was killing because he just plain liked it, and would even take out their totally harmless retarded brother, in which case 5) no one was safe--especially not her, if he became paranoid because she knew the secret.


Giulia had a nervous breakdown because she knew what he had done, and maybe felt some guilt not saying a thing after he killed their mom.

I think she has taken Ale as her father, and sexual fantasy. Also, they are the only ones for each other - neither have any friends.