This film is nonsense. When film tries to be art and it is pure utter nonsense, it would need an immense amount of style to be good. This film has great style, but not enough to save it from the negative aspects, and this tips it over to the boredom scale.

There were some great scenes, like the panorama shot in continuity of Belmondo running towards Anna Karina and then her on the balcony looking in a perpendicular direction, Anna looking directly at the "audience" towards the back of the car, and whenever Anna is in a sailor hat.

But not enough. When something is all style, no substance and no structure, it would need more than just a few good scenes in 2 hours.

My favorite Godard film is Alphaville instead.


No substance? Go back to reading your comic books. This film has the most substance of all JLG films - almost every frame and every line is golden - you just don't see it because you're probably brainwashed by the Hollywood garbage, the fast food of cinema. Unlike majority of American movies, JLG's films require you to use your head and not mindlessly consume it. It's philosophical; it's not *beep* entertainment.

It's always fair to say that you didn't understand it. "I don't get it" is a valid statement that will never be looked down upon by people who aren't dumb. I don't understand a lot of films, but I study them to finally get it; I don't shout about how bad they are when I'm incompetent in making that assessment. Claiming that this film has no substance is ignorant, to say the least.

When he was making this film, JLG was not in the entertainment business. He was a filmmaker and an artist.


Maybe I was wrong. I don't know. But go to the devil with your insults. You don't know me.