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great cast,patchy film,no dvd still?

I am watching this again on British cable tv,it is not on tv often.

I often wonder why it is not on tv and why it is not on dvd and I have decided it is because it is a long film,lacks action and is not an American based story.

On the plus side the film has its good point,what a cast ,JOHN MILLS,TREVOR HOWARD,RICHARD TODD.all in fairly small parts,TOM COURTNEY is good in a part that was different from the characters he usually played,lets be honest he did not do that many films over the years anyway.
Whether or not George Peppard is an asset in this film is a matter for discussion.

The film was obviously big budget but few seem to love it.


as of today, appears to be avail on Region 1 only.
(in spite of it being produced by MGM-UK)

shown now & then on Turner Classics.
Good flick. i think the german conversation adds a touch of realism.
agree ? disagree ?