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Another Film Experience Beaten Down By The Hands Of Time

Hey folks,

In 1965 I enjoyed watching Frank Sinatra, Clint Walker, Brad Dexter, and even the Singin' Idol, Tommy Sands. Looking back to 1965 when I first saw this film, I remembered it as having thought it was a pretty good one. Looking at it in 2014, I wonder what I was thinking back then.

A good story can usually make me pretty satisfied with a film, but this story just did not seem to get out of the starting gate for me. The premise of the story may have been good, but the film really did not go anywhere with that premise. As much as I liked the stars back then, I look at Sand's performance today and wonder what they were thinking? Was it Sands' idea for the character or was it Sinatra's direction that made Sand's character so dumb? A wee bit over the top?

In 1965 Frank Sinatra turned 50 years of age, and he just did not seem right for the part of an enlisted corpsman. My wife's cousins were both corpsmen in the Pacific, and they were very young looking kids barely over 29 years of age when they first saw combat. Even if Sinatra had been a Navy doctor, his 50 years would still have seemed a bit too much.

Seeing this film nearly 50 years later just made me wonder what I was thinking back when I first saw it.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile


Sure, there could probably be more to the story, though for me I think the relatively straightforward exploration of the set up is enough to make the movie interesting. I just have so much respect for it for being as ahead of its time as it is. Sinatra casting himself in that role might be a little ridiculous, yes, but I absolutely love his performance in it, so I'm not complaining I agree with your initial impression more!