Rape indeed!

It’s amazing how Political Correctness has cramped imagination and conditioned perception! Most commentators can’t beyond the apparently light-hearted treatment of “rape” towards the end of the film.

Well, the treatment is not as light-hearted as it seems. On the contrary, the effect is dramatic, but also comedic and ironic.

Anybody who has seen the film is well aware that Nancy has not been raped at all. Nevertheless, Nancy’s (probably sincere) claim to rape is indicative of her naivety and confusion with regards to things sexual. It is also indicative of her perception of threat and violation.

Yet there is no denying that her accusations are very empowering! The lads are far from flippant about the accusation. Indeed, the very hint of the word is enough to throw them into a total panic and totally unman them. Nancy has the whip hand! Very aptly, Tolen is the most vulnerable, for the seducer wishes to seduce and needs to be desired. The accusation of rape is an abject humiliation to him and Nancy’s rejection completely crushes him, rendering him quite impotent. Nancy literally lets the air out of his tyres. Her naked presence in his bedroom, which was probably his initial intent, becomes a shocking threat to him and to the other lads.

Poor Tolen is exposed as a “sexual failure”, as posited by Tom earlier in the film. By the end of the film, Tolen has evidently lost the knack and has been trampled by the girls at the Alert Hall!

Love is presented as the lifeline. In a sea of sexual failure, Nancy and Colin are drawn to each other by a simple and sincere engagement with their feelings. Love conquers all!