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Max!!!! (mild spoilers)

Patrick O'Neal has always been one of those solid working actors I remember mostly from 60s and 70s TV. But boy, his last scene where he finally stands up to Segal… that was some powerful acting. My favorite scene in the whole film.

I was also surprised how James Fox looked. I knew that I recognized him but I couldn't place him until I checked the credits. Another excellent performance.

And Segal was perfectly cast in this.

Overall an excellent but depressing film.


Harrowing, not depressing. I shudder to think what a modern version of this film would be like. Audiences today certainly don't have the attention span required to watch this film.


My favorite film of 1965. The score was also excellent.


IIRC it wasn't revealed until that scene that Max outranked King by several stripes. It comes as a bit of a shock.

James Fox is probably best known today (to American audiences) for a small role in Downton Abbey. I thought he was great as Lord Darlington in The Remains of the Day.