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"He teaches them to love their enemies"

Isn't that encouraging Stockholm Syndrome?

If I didn’t talk the way I talk I wouldn’t know who the hell I am, Sean Connery on his accent


Hahahahahahaha. No I believe he means love each other and not be hateful to one another. But getting kidnapped and falling in love is a completely different story.


Right - provided that the love is genuine - and spiritual. "Spiritual" meaning "otherworldly".

I don't think Jesus was asking the impossible of human nature. He probably knew that "fairly" or "unfairly" wounded, aggrieved people are not likely to love and forgive their enemies on their own.

I believe that Jesus' "love talk" in this context is based upon his vision of a special insight provided to human beings by God or the Spirit - i.e., as he also said, "With God, all things are possible".

So I don't think that Jesus was insisting that we love enemies in the day to day egoic state that most of us live in and carry around with us. Rather, it's a question of "entering the Kingdom of God" here on earth, and in that process having one's values transformed from a centering in world and culture, to a re-orientation to centering in God or the Spirit - only after which can we love with the truly non-egoic divine love that Jesus is talking about.