Young Girl's Funeral

One of the posts that did not make the transfer, was about the identity of the actress that played the dead young girl about to be staked. i still would be interested in this information if anyone every discovers who she is/was.

I really enjoy that scene, both in context of the movie, as I like father Sandor coming to her corpse's rescue (not sure how to properly say that), as it were. But also because the surrounding forest is so beautiful. It seems like a lovely place to take a walk. In reality, they had to film very early in the morning as the sound of traffic could be heard during morning rush hour if they filmed later. Thus it might not have been the idyllic wood that it seemed, but the fantasy of it being thus is intriguing. The other thought that I have when I see that scene is that the actress must have been cold, lying there not covered, in the early morning chill.