Lost In Space Connections

Obviously, both Lost In Space and Dear Brigitte feature Bill Mumy (one of the very, very few child actors who continued in show business through adulthood -and one of the few not to be caught up in drugs and troubles). But rewatching the film this morning I noticed the similarity between the opening credits sequence of this film and those of the first two seasons of Lost In Space. It's quite striking! Add to that, during the scenes in the psychiatrist's office young Mumy sits next to a desk with a table lamp on it that bears an amazing resemblance to the Jupiter 2 spaceship. Then there's the similarity of Mumy's characters in the two projects being child prodigies, and having big sisters with similar names (Panny and Penny)... If you really want to stretch things, the film featured character actor John Williams -and composer John ("Johnny" in those days) Williams wrote the theme music and much of the background score for Lost In Space.

Can anyone spot any more connections?

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