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Dark Intruder - Mini Classic

I just saw this very interesting film recently, and was surprisingly impressed as to how excellent it really is. More horror fans should know of it. Fine script, and compelling mood. Just the right atmosphere.

Good to see Leslie Neilson in his earlier days.

Story was very LoveCraftian.

I also noticed how it almost appeared like a lost episode of the 60's Karloff THRILLER series; same production crew, screenwriter, actors; etc. (I also was recently turned-on to the THRILLER series. A truly great show. Glad to hear of its upcoming DVD Box Set release).

Even that turkey Leonard Maltin gave DI a high review, calling it a "rare one-of-a-kind film". At least we fully agree on one thing.

Would like to get DARK INTRUDER on DVD. Any help is appreciated.


I think it is fun to discover good but relatively obscure films. Most people will never know what they are missing. Part of the "discovered treasure" fun.


I watched the movie last night and loved it. I liked the story, setting, characters, music, acting, pacing, cinematography -- everything. It was like a cross between a Sherlock Holmes and an H.P. Lovecraft story. It had a dwarf, eerie organ music, gaslight, secret passageways, a Chinese mandarin with Fu Manchu fingernails, foggy streets, a fortune teller -- just about every pulp horror cliche a guy could ask for (well, it didn't have a waxworks or a carnival, but that might be asking for too much). It had humour, but the humour didn't detract from its creepiness. Sure, the plot twists were predictable, but the story was still more original than most of what's out there. What a shame this pilot was the only episode made; it left me wanting more. It would've been the best TV show ever.

I like the Thriller series as well, though Thriller wasn't supernaturally themed. I didn't notice that the same people were involved; I'll have to pay closer attention to the credits the next time I watch an episode.

Dark Intruder is available on DVD-R from Sinister Cinema, or contact me privately if you'd like to arrange a tr ade.