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Anybody notice who the train conductor resembles?

Another poster mentioned the freudian connotations in this movie- there are, IMHO, far too many veiled sexual references here to be coincidental. If viewed from this perspective lots of things in the movie really take on different meanings. One which absolutely made me drop my popcorn was after the younger Dr sets off his atomic weapon in an attempt to seal the crack they discover that another fissure has started, and is traveling back to where the original crack began at the ""project" As they make their way back to the "Project" they discover a train full of people are attempting to escape on a train. Realizing that the train heads directly into the path of the newly created fissure Dr. Rampian and his cohorts attempt to warn the panic striken people fleeing on the train. Racing their jeep to overtake the departing train Rampian is heard to remark "They've got to be stopped, they are heading into the crack." Failing to get the message across to the passengers they speed up to the conductor of the train who seems very genial and waves at them in friendly greeting. Although we never see his face, from the rear this man bears a striking resemblance in build, appearance and movement to our current President. Nobody on the train gets the warning and they head over a bridge on a deep gorge and we witness the collapse of a cliff behind them, which takes out the bridge in spectacular fashion and all on the train plunge to their deaths. Wow-


It is obvious that this segment suggests Obama will lead the country into a crack in the world and our destruction.
Whether it is the economy (most likely) or something more physically violent, Obama is the closest to an enabler for a weapon of mass destruction as anyone we've seen in a long time.
I wouldn't have put this in the same words as you did, but it makes about as much sense as anything else. Common sense folded in upon itself on a sub atomic level.