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Why is it called "Bad Girls Go to Hell"?

Judging from the movie's plot synopsis, the lead character isn't any kind of "bad" girl or a villainess, but a victim of various and highly unfortunate circumstances, so why is she kind of alluded in the title to being a bad girl who goes to hell, what has she done that was so bad?

I mean, rare as it somewhat might be compared to what bad men often have been doing on a daily basis throughout human history for thousands of years, there have been some films depicting girl gangs who commit criminal activities in 50s and 60s decades as well, from "Gun Girl Gang" to "The Violent Years" (1956) - a trashy and highly silly 1950s Z-grade black comedy directed by William Morgan and written by trash cinema legend Ed Wood - where we did see them do wrong stuff etc including killing innocent people, but in THIS film?

Or was it meant to be somewhat ironic or even a representative of what ignorant majority may say or think?

Maybe it should've been re-titled instead as "Good Girls End Up in Unfortunate Troubles Through No Fault of their Own", right?


Isn't this obvious? It's because she putters around the apartment in her nightgown cleaning up. Nightgowns are designed to be wore at night, thus the name.. nightgowns.

A good girl would change her attire first into an appropriate apparel for cleaning things, like rubber gloves, an apron, boots, and a bandana. You know, standard stuffs for housewives in the '60s. She's not being a good girl that day, thus she goes to hell (getting raped).


She certainly doesn't deserve to be raped for that and I would rather like to think it is the man who deserves to go to hell for that that does it to her.


And what if it was a man in her position at the hands of say yes another man, would "he" deserve it?

Hell, I wouldn't even think she would deserve that kind of fate even if she did something seriously terrible like murder someone who is innocent and for no excusable reason?


Nobody deserves to be raped for any reason whatsoever, woman or man.

But rape happens. Nothing to do with what the victim's innocense. Even if people walking naked on the street and spread their legs, still not an excuse to be raped.

The title of the movie is just what the story is all about. An inappropriately dressed woman (bad girls) got raped (goes to hell). This is not about karma, sins or any morality or even anything deep.

The movie is virtually an almost porn anyway.


Haven't seen the movie yet, hope it doesn't intend to make "light" of the subject.

And like I said, even guilty criminals of violent deeds don't deserve it and it is obvious as hell that there's "no excuse" for it under even those circumstances much less people walking naked on the street - like come on now, one has to be really stupid or cruel to think otherwise, right?

Does she at least get her vengeance on him or does he get away with it?


Well, if you plan to watch the movie wouldn't it be spoiler if I tell you that? Of course if you don't care... [spoiler]the rapist died in maybe 10 minutes in. Most of the movie is spent to show a woman in skimpy or transparent outfit as much as possible without actually showing anything.[/spoiler]