I Loved This Show!

I was only 9 years old when it was on, but I remember watching it on Sunday nights.

I loved it.

In the 80s they showed reruns of it on CBN, the Pat Robertson cable channel. I managed to tape the pilot episode.

Jack Warden, Mike Kellin and Mark Slade were great!!

This show needs to be on DVD!!!!


Very unappreciated series!


It was ahead of it's time because it had no laugh track. I was a teen when this was on and I thought it was a great show. After watching this show I could not stand watching a show with a laugh track for a long time. I hated seeing it go off the air and I recall that there for awhile the fans of the show had a letter writing campaign going to bring it back.

I can't remember the character names but the cook was a Pharmacist in civilian life. He was a terrible cook. On one of the episodes the cook asked one of the crew members if he liked the food that he had sent with him on a mission. The fellow replied " Why yes I did, it saved my life." " I threw it at a poisonous snake, he bit it and it killed him(Snapping fingers) just like that!"


I still remember and use the old phrase from the series"

"Prepare to smile and wave!"
"Commence smiling and waving!"


I was 15, a sophomore in high school, and I had an old black & white TV in my bedroom and I always caught this show. Two others from that season: Run For Your Life, and I Spy. Had to watch those too.

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