Conspiracy -- WaMu

... and now for crazy?!#?! (why else would I post on The Secret Squirrel Show message board)

I mean MW as new CEO will have access to all of the books. What would stop him from releasing all of the secrets; I mean this BK is not the only litigation JPM/FDIC faces in regards to WaMu? Don't they still need to buy the silence from the newco to shield against dropping information to a group like Anico, or the SEC/Congress/FBI, or how about WikiLeaks/Anonymous? That silence has value, value JPM/FDIC didn't have to pay because SNH's were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, which is known thanks to JPM's filings for the 2019 (and Nate). There are no JPM/FDIC filings against the EC, so there is no leverage? My point is Silence has value.

Sure I have taken a fatalist position, after Dime, but there remains questions, questions that need answering.

I wrote before with regards to allowing the SNH keeping all of their ill-gotten gains in exchange for dirt to taking on JPM/FDIC. Did there really need to be two months of mediation just to get the same deal the EC got before? That's a lot of time to secure a $75 million deal. I'll add more fuel, the current appointees seem to be secret keepers. Can a cover-up be brokered with a federal judge (Lyons, what say you)?

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