Synopsis of show

Found the below in the show's description:
Please Don't Eat the DaisiesĀ (1965)

Based on the best-selling book and movie of the same name (Please Don't Eat the Daisies (1960)). Set in Ridgemont, New York, the Nashes are an unusual suburban family. Jim Nash, a college English professor, and his lazy wife Joan, a newspaper columnist, live with their four rambunctious sons, a tolerant family maid, and a huge sheep dog.

This synopsis has a few glaring errors...

First of all, Joan Nash was NOT lazy. She was a freelance writer who worked at home. No, housework was not her favorite thing, but after the pilot episode, that aspect was toned down to almost nothing... she ran her household, with husband Jim pitching in in a couple of unconventional ways, for the mid-sixties.

Second, her husband taught theater and drama. He was even promoted to the head of the department during the first season.

Third, Joan was not a newspaper columnist, she was a freelance writer who wrote for newspapers, magazines, pretty much whoever published written material. She also wrote a few plays for her husband's college theater classes/group.

Fourth, there was no "Tolerant family maid." The late, great Ellen Corby appeared in two episodes as a well-meaning, but not terribly competent domestic Joan hires during the second season.

I hate it when people write summaries without watching/researching a show!