Say Uncle

Hands down the strangest cross-over episode in history. A spy show crosses over with a sitcom. I don't recall the details but it was surreal. Imagine Mission: Impossible crossing over with the Brady Bunch.


I saw it recently... it was fun!

Trevor and Tracy are all into UNCLE mode... their father has them in the car when he visits a local dry cleaner/tailor who is selling a miniature cannon sundial that Joan had seen in a magazine, and loves. The kids recognize the tailor shop as looking just like the one in UNCLE (concidence?)

He buys the sundial and the guy selling it warns him that it is hard to find the gunpowder that goes in it. He leaves the sundial there, so Joan can't find it, and leaves the shop, at the same time Illya, David McCallum, is entering... he stops him, asking Jim Nash for a light. Jim hands him a book of matches, and says, when Illya asks, that he can keep the pack.

The twins see this exchange and decide Dad must be an agent and has just passed a secret message. They all go home, where Jim makes phone calls, trying to track down a small supply of gunpowder for the cannon.

The twins meet up with Joel and Kyle, and convince them that dad is an agent, then Joan gets wind of the conversation, along with a phone call and visitor who are trying to hook Jim up with the gun powder.

Eventually, Joan corners Jim, and he demonstrates the cannon sundial. The kids are still convinced that dad is a spy and covering brilliantly, when the doorbell rings, and the visitor (you only hear his voice) identifies himself as a government agent, and what's all this about gunpowder?

There is a commercial break, and after, you get the impression that the adult Nashes have explained, and just want this agent to convince their sons that Jim Nash is not one.

They all go out to the back yard, where Jim calls the boys, and introduces them to the agent. For the first time, you see the agent's face... of course, it's Napoleon Solo... Robert Vaughn, and the last you see is the kid's mouths hanging open. The final fade (and several fades during the show) were done a-la Man From UNCLE style.


See this!

Remember the episode of I love Lucy where George Reeve -- the "real" Superman makes an appearance at little Ricky's party. I sort of think the UNCLE characters where the Supermen of the 1960's.
Never say never...


I remember a "Here's Lucy" episode where private investigator Joe Mannix shows up and even gets into a fight with a couple of hoods.