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Eldest TV Series with All Its Main Characters Around Today

Congrats, PDE Daisies

Internet says
PDE Daisies
holds the distinct honor
of Eldest American TV Series

Good for that distinction

P Crowley beautiful
just beautiful
all the way around

Great television Mother
with looks

Who makes em like that
P Crowley
may have been annoying
when she plays tweens
but on PDE Daisies
she is anything but

that just goes to prove
right there
how great an actress
how great a human being
how great a lovely lady
Miss Crowley has been
then, now and since

M Miller
also a great
television Dad
one to respect
and to admire
and to pattern
yourself after
especially today

You can just tell
how well this family
fits together
They do not make em
like him
anymore either
except that R Reed
also show patience

But those four boys
to round out
that nice Nash nest

how obedience
to P Crowley
and M Miller
can you get

Great to hear
all six Nashes
are still up
and at it
not like today
when those hastily
television families
are really up and at em

and totally annoying

More power to
P Crowley
M Miller
and the Rest

Please keep shattering
your own record
for longevity
after the series leaves
and also
Please don't eat
those daisies

all this time later
even to this day
everybody still
wonders why
that Nash family
would even think about
consuming daisies

to be sure

[harp] 🎻 [saint] [candle] [piano]

♪  Not even Mad Scientists
get it right every time