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Was the Pilot episode originally in black & white?



No, but probably a lot of people remember it that way because color TVs were less common in 1965. 


"Oh, well," said Zanoni, "to pour pure water in the muddy well does but disturb the mud!"


My mom and dad didn't buy one until 1969. All the "in color" bragging at the start of a lot of shows was wasted on us back until that time.


the reason a lot of people think it was in black and white is because in the early 1980's (1981-1986 and maybe longer), the syndicated version of the pilot episode WAS in black and white. Every time it came on. And yes, I was watching on a color tv.

All other episodes were in color. But every single time that first episode played, it was completely in black and white. No, not faded color, but crisp clear black and white.

However, earlier in the 1970's, the syndicated version of that very same episode was in color. Every single time.

So where in the world did that black and white version of the episode that played in the 1980's come from?

And why didn't they use the color version of that episode in the 1980's syndicated version?

I later bought it on dvd, and it was in color again, as it should be.


I remember in the reunion movie in 1990, for some reason or another, they showed the opening in B&W, which was originially in color.


Just to clear it up, the pilot was filmed in color, aired in color and was originally in color including the syndicated version in the 1970's until the 1980's when for some strange reason, the pilot episode started airing in only black and white everytime instead of color even though all the rest of the episodes still aired in color.

Green Acres sure is one strange place.


Real world answer : cbs made a kinne of the episode.
Hooterville answer:they forgot to turn the pore key and all the color bled out of the film.