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Daytime Deviants (AGC Blind Item)

142. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 12/13 **#14**

Daytime Deviants: With all the cleaning house going on in the industry, maybe it is time someone took a blowtorch to the set of this daytime show. It is without a doubt the worst show out there with the way it treats people. I don't think it is any coincidence that the owners of the show have had some of the worst offenders out there. They live for this kind of culture. There is a long history of the producers having the ugliest casting couch scenes out there. Men or women, legal or not. If you are an actress or an actor and want to work and are willing to have sex, then you can get a part. Talk to that actor from the show who had a few issues since he left. He will flat out tell you he hit the casting couch when he wasn't legal and the producers passed him around like candy for the few months he was on the show. He has been a mess since and tried to go up the ladder, but the ladder was filled with the same type of people. I remember one time the show tried to bring in new producers and writers to try and stop some of the awful behavior. All of them were fired and the old guard brought back. Within the past couple years this other actor who was on the show said once he stopped having sex with the producers and writers, they changed his storyline to get rid of him. One actress on the show got a boyfriend so stopped having sex with the producers and writers and they fired her 12 hours after she said she had a new boyfriend. One actor who refused all casting couch advances was fired but later went on to win an Emmy which made the producers look bad since their reason for firing him was he was a terrible actor. Guess who the biggest casting couch person is on the set? Would it shock you to know his best friend is that former A+ list mostly television actor who loves porn stars and drugs and always seems to find his way into this. Does it shock you he worked for the same owners back when he was at his most vile? Oh, if you are an actress or an actor who tries to say something publicly, the producers will get their loyal casting couch actors and actresses to deny everything and then sic the daytime fandom on the talking out of turn ungratefuls. They are all called ungrateful. They are reminded on a daily basis that if they are not willing to have sex, there are a hundred out there to take their place. Just change the name of the actor or actress playing the role. Done and done. A lot of the actors and actresses on the show who are tired of the harassment were hoping against hope that the death of one of their own who had been repeatedly raped during his short time on the show might shed some light on what is happening. The problem was that no one knew that his short time on the show a decade earlier was the reason he killed himself.

Show: "Days of Our Lives" (writing team fired)
Show owner: Sony (Days is owned by Sony and the Corday family; Sheen was on Sony's "Anger Management")
Actor from the show who had a few issues since he left: Dylan Patton
Actor they changed his storyline: James Lastovic (character made sudden confession to murder his parents covered up years before), Jordi Vilasuso (written out after character ran scam and got a green card marriage), or Robert Scott Wilson (turned into a serial killer, but recently came back so maybe not him)
Actress who got a boyfriend: Paige Searcy
Tried to say something publicly: Jonathon McClendon
Death of one of their own: Brad Bufanda (2002 - 2003)
Actor who won an Emmy: Chandler Massey


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