dvd set?

Weren't AA included in a recent WB saturday morning dvd boxset or am I mistaken - And does anybody know if it's his entire series??


Karate Kat Street Frogs Mini-Monsters Tigersharks DVD: ipetitions.com/petition/comicstripondvd?e


The best thing to do is post asking for it on the Warner Archive Collection's fb page.

The WA is doing a great job bringing HB shows to life again on DVDs. They regularly answer there fb questions and are out to bring us as much of the HB library as they can. If fans want a show they should go make a post asking about it. If a lot of people ask about a show it can help them get moved up to finally getting the dvd release they deserve.

I refuse to argue on IMDB until the general populous actually uses their brains


Recently in 2015 they responded that they planned to start Atom Ant soon.

This slightly contradicts earlier reports of them saying that they were looking into both it and Secret Squirrel. But i'm inclined to think the scene that changed being that they cleared Loopy De Loop that was started and shelved earlier.

If Atom is only now recent on the docket, I'd wager another funny animal currently has preference. Hint wise it could be read three different ways if my assumption is correct.

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