This flick, produced by a secular humanist pagan, who also happened to be a proud homosexual shows and can showcase one tremendous Truth, that being that God uses the weak of this World to overcome the strong. God uses the humble to outshine the prideful! And lastly God lifts up the lowly whilst bringing down the arrogant.

Just like GOD chose Saul/Paul to spread the Christian Gospel throughout the regions and totally represent the TRUTH of Christ Jesus, HE also chose a famous film director, who happened to be a un-Saved, un-Washed, and un-Believing person, who happened to be a homosexual, to put together a incredible, historical Masterpiece of Cinematic brilliance that so happened to showcase, Christ Jesus to the movie going, and movie watching masses!

God calls things that are not, into existence as if they were! All that is left to say is................

M-A-R-A-N-A-T-H-A ! ! !