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The end of Rock's 'Romantic Hunk' phase....

Rock was in one more "romantic hunk" film and a forgotten thriller after this film. Then came Frankenheimer's brilliant "Seconds", which changed Rock's career and public image forever.

"Strange Bedfellows" is only remarkable for the delicious Gina Lollobrigida in a near nude illusion suit as Lady Godiva.

Audiences ate up the double entendre and slapstick like this back in the mid-60's.

The forced laughs, silly innuendos and lack of real chemistry between the stars make this a misfire.


Rock and Gina were in "Come September" a few years before and it is a well-made, fine film. I saw it first-run in a theater when it came out (yes I am old) and still remember "Come September" as a beautiful, nice film experience as presented uncut first run.

However, I saw "Strange Bedfellows" on TV many years later and was extremely disappointed. Yes, "Bedfellows" is a stinker. Even more so when compared to "Come September"'s true charm and good performances.

This is comparing a true gem to a mere hack job.


I agree! Come September is a superior film. Rock and Gina's dance number in that is so charming. Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee add such a wonderful subplot.


I saw 'Come September' a few weeks ago, before seeing 'Strange Bedfellows' yesterday for the first time. 'September' is far superior.


I think that Rock Hudson was allowing his real-life gayness to be parodied a little in his films by the time that this was made. I wonder how many in the 1960s cinema audience knew that at the time.