Operation Earth Save


Does anyone remember exactly what "Operation Earth Save" was? I have vivid memories of this from my childhood, because it actually kind of unnerved me. All I remember is something glowing that had to be locked away in a vault deep underground, and you had to wear goggles to look at it because, without them, you would be drawn into the "thing" in the vault. I seem to remember a black character who goes down into the vault with the Napoleon Solo "double", and when he realises that Solo is an imposter, the imposter rips off his goggles. As he starts to be drawn into the vault, the guide shouts that no one should touch him. After he disappears into the light, the guide says something along the lines of "How can you save someone who's never existed?"

Maybe I've got an overactive imagination and am remembering this wrong, but this stuff really shook me up at age 9. Can anyone out there help me out with this one?


It was some sort of super weapon created in cooperation by many nations. It was developed because they had detected possible signs of an alien attack, hence the name "Earth Save". But because it was so deadly, it was stored away in a secret vault. You remembered the details pretty accurately. The black guy was an UNCLE agent, one of four couriers (Solo's double being another) sent with the code that opens the vault. The code was changed the same month every year, hence the name of the operation: the "August affair". It wasn't explained why you couldn't look at the weapon or what the scientist meant about never existing.