The best Elvis flick?

I've seen many of the Elvis films, including the overrated "Viva Las Vegas", and "Roustabout" is definitely the best of the bunch. Most of his films, albeit enjoyable in one way or another, are forgettable fluff. "Roustabout" may be Elvis fluff as well, but it's not forgettable or bland. It's great for what it is, an Elvis movie.


I think it is Elvis' best film easy. It is my favorite as well.

Viva Las Vegas
Blue Hawaii
GI Blues

Just for this exchange:

Elvis (in Elvis voice), "here I am, can't believe I am working at a circus"
Barbara Stanwyck say (all serious), "This is not a circus, this is a carnival, there is a big difference you know!!!!"


It's ok & one of his better musicals but it's not one of his best or worst. His best movies are King Creole, Flaming Star, Wild In The Country, Jailhouse Rock, Love Me Tender & Charro. Also Follow That Dream & Kid Galahad are better than usual for the 60's but that's about it & yes Viva Las Vegas is overrated it's not that good.


For some reason, "Roustabout" is my favorite Elvis film (although there's a handful I haven't seen). Everything clicks and the story maintains the viewer's attention. My second favorite is probably "Live a Little, Love a Little."

Everyone praises "Flaming Star" but the laughable depiction of Native Americans ruined it for me (just listen to how they talk). I prefer "Charro," as far as Westerns go.