I'll join the small chorus that lists this as one of the better Elvis vehicles, despite the low imdb user ratings.

Wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, Elvis still has a chip on his shoulder for most of this film. He's not yet squeaky clean as he would become in films like Clambake or Fun in Acapulco.

There's also something non-mainstream about the setting in the carnival, as compared to the luxury hotels or beach fronts where many of the other movies are set.

Two other things to like: Barb Stanwyck remains a solid pro - as ever - plus I love the scenes with Pat Buttram as the fast-talking Harry Carver.

Finally, we don't have to contend with any cutesy kids that often distracted the King in many other Elvis flicks.

Put it all together and it's a lot of fun and a little leaner than the Elvis movies that would follow.


Well, four years later, I'll chime in with you.

It was a pretty serious movie...decent plot, atmosphere, acting. Barbara Stanwick, of course, and other actors too added to the quality. Really, great? No. Pretty good yes. I would say maybe his last really solid movie with a quality role.


I wouldn't say this is a great movie but a good solid film & one of the better 60's Elvis musicals. This one has a storyline & some realism & shows a rebellious unsympathetic Elvis. It has a very strong cast which elevates the movie & this would be the last quality movie Elvis did before returning one last time as a serious actor in the 1969 western Charro.


I agree, it was one of his better musicals. I really enjoyed many of Elvis movies and I shake my head when people says Elvis movies were only made of fluff. He had some that were silly but others that were really good.

A director of one of fav shows was disgusted with me after I replied to his post about how it shocks him that so many do not know who Barbara Stanwyck is. I mentioned that she starred in this Elvis move. He replied with "This one hurts" but wouldn't tell me why. It really upset me that he made that comment. Maybe Roustabout wasn't the highlight of her career but that's one of the few things I remember her from. At least I knew who she was. Most didn't know who she was at all.


Could never take Elvis seriously as an actor from watching films such as Love Me Tender and Jailhouse Rock. His character in Roustabout was similar to the films I've mentioned. He was cocky, the rebel we're meant to like (but don't) and always wanting his own way. Very difficult to like such a character whose doesn't offer any sympathy, which was down to Elvis' acting rather than the script.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not".