Who was Kanayan?

Was he the guy who was with Pierre when he kept ignoring Nicole and eventually Pierre left him alone waiting for him with the promise of the ride to Paris in his car?

«I was on the fire escape! I saw ya!»


No, just some ambitious author eager to be published.

Franca mentioned him twice, once she used his phonecall as a pretext (so I think) to look after Pierre during his stay in Rouen. This lady's fault was being a bit overbearing and controlling. The uncommon (Armenian) name was given to this absent character cleverly - for us to take a note.

Listen to your enemy, for God is talking


Perhaps Kanayan is an inside joke?
Richard Kanayan

Child actor Richard Kanayan had appeared in The 400 Blows and was always making the crew laugh, so Truffaut cast him as Charlie's youngest brother.