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Which Studio Lot Was Used For Chase Scenes ? Thank You.

The house where "Mommie Dearest" was filmed in 1981 has to be just one of several locations that American International Pictures used for "Pajama Party."

Does anyone know which of the Los Angeles studio lots was used by AIP for the chase scenes ? During the long chase, Eric Von Zipper and his gang are riding choppers. An open convertible is carrying Buster Keaton, Jody McCrea and that blonde Swedish actress. Sorry, I forget her name. I can't look at the cast list now. I remember Jody because he is the son of Joel McCrea.

The motorcycles are fake. The actors sat on fake bikes that were mounted in place . I know this from an Associated Press photo of cameo performer Dorothy Kilgallen sitting on the prop with her son Kerry. He is the little boy who says, "Mush !" four times throughout the film.

During post - production, the editor added the background to the chase using the old "rear screen projection process." But those props, along with the women fearfully watching the chasers from the sidewalk, had to be on studio lots. Ditto for the barn where Ms. Kilgallen's stunt double lands after getting thrown from the speeding motorcycle.

I would just love to know which studio lot it was. Maybe somebody here knows a cast member who can tell us this. Sam Arkoff, head of AIP, is gone now. The screenwriter, Deke Heyward, and director, Don Weis, also died without contributing any information to the DVD. Annette Funicello is in no condition to talk about the film publicly. Dorothy Kilgallen's son Kerry was a ten - year - old New Yorker when they stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel to make their cameo appearances. He doesn't know where in Los Angeles he and his mother traveled during their short stay in the LA area. He rarely if ever visited California again. His mother died a year after their vacation.

I am thanking in advance anyone who can identify the lot used by American International Pictures. Most likely they didn't have their own lot like 20th Century Fox did. AIP was one of the smaller studios.


At the time, there was a Market Basket supermarket in Malibu. The chase seen was filmed there. Another note of interest is that the late columnist Dorothy Killgallen was in the film. Some feel she has a link to the JFK assasination.


It is interesting that newspaper columnist, Dorothy Kilgallen, was found dead (some feel under mysterious circumstances), about a year after making her cameo in PAJAMA PARTY. Kilgallen had interviewed Jack Ruby and had apparently revealed contents of the Warren Commission Report in her column prior to its contents being made public. (She got into some hot water w/ The FBI over that.) She was also the first to report on Marilyn Monroe's relationship with a Kennedy, and Marilyn was found dead two days later. Also interesting is the fact that Dorothy Lamour (a close buddy of J Edgar Hoover) is in this film. Any other interesting political tidbits linked to this movie?


During the four years since I made that post, someone added the following to this IMDb page:

Filming Locations: Paramount Ranch - 2813 Cornell Road, Agoura, California, USA

In Dorothy Kilgallen's column, she called it the "Columbia ranch." This can be confirmed or debunked by movie studio historians.