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Isn't it interesting that mail order brides are popular again?

Many European women eager to find an eligible American husband who can offer them a residency permit and a new happy married life in the USA list themselves on Internet mail-order-bride registries.

"Mail Order Bride" (1964) is a nice nod to the pioneerism version of the arranged marriage based on settlement convenience while living a mobile life of speculation.

Buddy Ebsen and Keir Dullea are both good in this, and the storyline is timelessly motivated.



I enjoyed the movie. It was kind of low key and understated but there are good lessons in it; the main lesson - 'with friends like these who needs enemies.'

I always find it interesting how some people easily mistake friends and enemies. The young are usually most susceptible to it but people of all ages can fall prey. It all goes back to people embracing those who tell them whatever they want to hear and shunning those who tell them the truth and/or try to help them make the most of their lives.

People who really care want the best for you even when you don't necessarily want it for yourself. People who are there to use and abuse you will always try to keep you down because it's to their advantage. They don't feel so bad about themselves if you're in the gutter with them and they can continue to use and manipulate you in your worst or weakest state.

Woman, man! That's the way it should be Tarzan. [Tarzan and his mate]