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Getting down from the elevator

I understand that ODH's character is both a middle-aged woman and somewhat infirm/disabled, but still it was very frustrating that she only ever tried to get down from the elevator front-wise, i.e., by jumping directly down, a.k.a. edging/sliding down on her butt. The elevator was only 6-8 feet off the ground. If she'd turned over and slid over the edge on her stomach then she'd ultimately have been able to hang from the elevator cage with her arms at full stretch (i.e., the way every little kid knows how to get down from a tree), leaving her with a drop of only 2 feet maximum.

Maybe the script called for a much taller set than they were able to afford to built (or location than they were able to find)? Or maybe middle-aged women were in 1964 assumed to be completely unathletic and estranged from their own bodies. At any rate, any remake would have to come up with a much better story about why the main character can't safely lower herself down.