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Clu Gulager stole this movie

He was great in this picture its a shame his career never really took off


Totally agree! Such a Quentin Tarantino esq performance. What a funny version the 1964 one is if you have seen the great noir classic with Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster. This 1964 version is cool for so many reasons but especially for the acting. And not always in a good way. Reagan's death scene was wooden to say the least. Gee how different history could be if he had been a better actor. Marvin is so cool, so like his wonderful M Squad detective. Angie Dickinson can't hold a candle to Ava's performance and while I loved Cassavetes art movies from years back, he's another wooden actor.

But Clu... Such a stellar performance and hard to take your eye off what his character was doing. Why didn't he become a bigger star?


Oh, Angie is great in this. But it's a totally different picture from the Ava Gardner film.

LBJ's mistress on JFK:


Gulager kind of reprises this role as a crooked "Fed" in the movie "Into the Night."

Check it out if you can find it.

He doesn't have much screen time. But still, he's memorable in it.

David Bowie also has a great role in that one.