Martin Kosleck Gay?

Some of Prof. Bartel's (as played here by Martin Kosleck) gestures seem rather effeminate.

Specifically the sequence where he is faux yelling for help for Omar after he has set him afloat dead on his raft.

I do not generally look for such behavior, but this just struck me out of the blue as a very strong impression. Given this it makes his advances on Rita Morley's character seem a bit ludicrous.

Anyway, with that said, I happen to know that the man was apparently married, but I don't know how happily so.

Anybody else have this sort of impression?


I just viewed the scene and... I think you need medical help.




Actually... although Kosleck was indeed married, he had a male lover he lived with as a domestic partner for many decades, up until his death. His bf/significant other was the late Christopher Drake, the actor who played "Matt" in THE FLESH EATERS (the guy in the rescue boat who gets a faceful of flesh eaters). I knew Chris really well, beginning shortly after Martin died. Although I'd say (judging from the stories Chris told me) that their relationship was a somewhat codependent one, they were very devoted to each other. I have several photos of them together (including one with Martin's wife as well), and a three-page handwritten letter that Martin wrote to Chris from a location shoot, in which it is clear he really missed Chris in the worst way. Chris was gay, while Martin must've been bisexual as he did have sex with women (including at least once with Tallulah Bankhead, at a private party, according to Chris).
That all being said, I don't think Kosleck's sexual orientation had any influence on his performance as Dr Bartell. I've watched this film many times on TV, video, DVD and 16 & 35mm, and never once did I get the impression that kosleck was playing fey or anything.



Wow, perhaps the crudest post I've run into on IMDB. Congrats, I think. Or maybe not.



Thank you for this.

I watched this movie as a young male and always had fantasies about the Dr. - and his shirtless captive.

The Dr. definitely comes off as "gay" to those of us to whom it matters (kind of like "Dr. Smith" on "Lost in Space" - who was also GAY).

His performance is not "fey" - rather, it's "evil" - which, I think, only real GAY men know how to play...

"Don't call me 'honey', mac."
"Don't call me 'mac'... HONEY!"


I don't review these boards on a regular basis, so I am only now just seeing your post.

I want to say "Thanks" for being so forthcoming with this information and that I respect your trust in revealing it. It's too bad that some people don't have enough class to show some respect.

I have learned after years to trust my intuitions when it comes to these sorts of things.

The character played by Christopher Drake is an attractive young man, so I can see where Martin would have been attracted to him. He was evidently at least 10 years younger than Martin.

Whatever the case, I think Kosleck is a fine actor and has a palpable charisma that comes across on screen. That he "swung both ways" doesn't matter a whit to me -- in fact, as some have said "it doubles your chance of getting lucky on a Saturday night". And who wouldn't like to have a roll in the hay with Talullah Bankhead when she was still in her prime.

That said, I stand by my impressions as originally outlined. Otherwise I would never have brought it up.


Four years later...

What did Chris Drake do professionally after "Flesh Eaters?" And how did he get the "Flesh" gig? He doesn't seem to have been a professional actor, judging by his IMDB listings.

Just curious...