Most inept invaders ever?

Slow, are demolished by a car crash that doesn't even dent the car, have to physically touch victims to 'kill' them, create blind 'zombies' to do their dirty work. Bunch of losers from a loser planet.


I would agree. They seem to wander around and not even notice people until they walk up to them yelling. One even watches the pregnant woman from out the window and doesn't go after her or return with reinforcements. The zombie that chases the woman inside seems to know she's in the closet but walks away. And if they weren't all so slow, the survivors wouldn't be able to defeat them so easily.

Still, I enjoyed the film. One wonders if the makers of Dr. Who used the robots as inspiration for the Cybermen.

if man is 5
then the devil is 6
if the devil is 6
then God is 7
and if God is 7...