UK Channel 4 2013

This is on tonight Channel4-HD in the UK, at 00:40 hours (Monday morning).

Hopefully it will be a good print, they showed Ray's Mahanagar (1963), last night in HD and the print was fantastic. Unfortunately, I missed the start. Hopefully they will show it again.

Also showing two other Satyajit Ray films, Nayak and Agantuk, over the next few nights.

You're not only wrong. You're wrong at the top of your voice


Excellent movie.

I found it strange that the heroine was always singing the Scottish folk song "Ye Banks and Braes (o' Bonnie Doune)" (but with slightly different lyrics.) c8#t=348s

Looks bobbins.


Does anyone know why Ray chose to use freeze frame / still photos in the last 3 shots?


The film just had a one-day only showing this weekend at the Detroit Film Theatre---sucks that they aren't showing it again, because I wouldn't have minded seeing it, aince I like Indian films. ;aux_id=14&cid=100