very underrated

and rather unknown

7 out of 10

When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


Great minds think alike, Xcalate_1776. I just watched the movie, from a Netflix DVD, and then I noticed the 7.x average rating. You gotta be kidding me. True, some parts were too dark to see what's going on, but that's a technology issue, not a story issue.

Black Torment is a wonderful mix of story types with the ghost story being the most dominant throughout the film. It's one of those films that re does stories you've seen elsewhere but puts it's own unique flavor on it.

I loved the costumes and the work done on the sets. I loved the married couple's bedroom with it's blue theme. One of the few "horror" movies where you felt as if the rich married couple really adores or could stand each other.

The filmmakers carefully detailed down to the social customs between the classes. Including differences in clothing and ways of speaking. Practically the only social group missing was the Church. There was several levels of military, craftsmen/blacksmith, servants, gentry and even the unseen townspeople and other tenants had a role.

I was genuinely scared during several parts of the movie. It got a big vote from me.

No two persons ever watch the same movie.


I read there is a new BluRay out where the scenes that were printed too dark for video have been restored and the movie looks much better now.