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Watch on demand on Comcast - + what about the minister?

Just watched it again and it still holds up. SPOILER After having given up the minister to the SS inadvertently, you'd think they might have mentioned it to the housekeeper so she could call and warn him not to come back and so she could skedaddle herself! Also, you'd think they would have separated Garner and Eva Marie and questioned them about what it was that he supposedly let slip that revealed that he had known all along about the sham. If their stories didn't match, they'd have known his original info was genuine. Further, I thought it strange that they would have made it five years instead of a year or so, cutting out the necessity of the "aging" and complicated medical history where something might have gone wrong. Keep it simple, stupid. Perhaps they wanted to contribute to his disorientation. BTW, the housekeeper was played by Celia Lovsky, the wife of Peter Lorre who also fled the Nazis (some say having been warned by Goebbels himself).