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New Kickstarter project making new eps of classic series using records!!

I'm spreading the word! Recently, the producer of the documentary Filmed In Supermarionation has started a new Kickstarter project; new episodes of the original 1965 series using the mini-albums!!! And believe me folks, they're going to make it like it was filmed 50 years ago! Marionettes, sets, models, practical effects and explosions, the works!!!

The project has already been a success and continues to be every day. As of this typing, it is now £3,001 (or $4,623.94 American) away to its stretch goal, producing the prequel (Introducing Thunderbirds)!!! So if you can, donate today, and if you can't, then at least spread the word of this fantastic project!!!:


From what I have seen in the teasers so far, it is going to be great ! I'm sick that I didn't hear about the Kickstarter in time ! Now I won't be receiving my DVD for Christmas.

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I got the Blu-ray last week.

Really brilliant stuff, I never heard the audios so it really is like seeing new episodes. The shorter running time and lower budget means that they can't quite match the classic episodes for spectacle or suspense, but it runs them close. "Introducing Thunderbirds" is a very laid-back and sedate episode (so much so that the title sequence is a bit jarring) but "The Abominable Snowman" and "The Stately Homes Robberies" have their share of crashes and explosions.

It's a shame that we see so little of Brains and Alan (and nothing of Tin-Tin) but considering the source material, not much could be done about that.

I'm also a bit puzzled as to why Gordon is blonde...

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Oh lucky you ! I am hoping that someone might upload them (or at least one )
somewhere in time for my fiancée's birthday in July.

No Tin-Tin ??? Well, THAT is abominable !

Hmm, a blonde, rather than strawberry blonde Gordon ? Weren't there enough blondes on the show ?

Does the Blu-Ray say when the recordings were made?