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38 episodes in season 1

Just saw that they did 38 episodes the first season while reading about this on Wikipedia. Those old shows had long seasons. It must have been quite the grind for the people making them.

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What's your point? Are you implying that we should feel sorry for people who had to work for 38 weeks in a year?

What about all the normal people who have to work 52 weeks per year? Or maybe 50 if they get two weeks of vacation. And they do so for vastly lower wages than the extremely high wages given to Hollywood people.

In other word, boohoo, cry me a river.


Yes, and the episodes were a little longer, too. The stars of yesterday's TV sitcoms deserve any and all residuals they can get. Those shows have been airing in syndication for decades and are still enjoyed by a respectable amount of viewers.

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great points, all