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In the wake of The Good Place, now would be a great time for a Gilligan's Island remake (if one absolutely has to exist)

The 1960s was home to a lot of crazy concepts for sitcoms. A housewife witch. An astronaut who discovers a genie. A man with a talking horse. Another where the friend is secretly a Martian, and yes, one where there's a nun who can FLY. There were a few here and there later on, Mork and Mindy, Alf, but became overall less common, replaced by more grounded sitcoms.

Now, The Good Place IS well known for its shifting premises, but any of them could fit right in with the premises of 1960s sitcoms. And with the success of The Good Place, maybe the world is ready again for another burst of such comedy?

But what makes The Good Place so....well....good? A big part of it is the overarching story and mystery, and another part is the focus on an ensemble cast and their character developments. In many ways, The Good Place is a show that owes a lot of credit to LOST, so much so that Mike Schur spoke with Lindelof while developing The Good Place.

With The Good Place ending, now would be a great time for a show to do a lot of the same things that it did. And this is what gives Gilligan's Island an opening.

Unlike many of the other crazy concept sitcoms mentioned above, it does have the same sort of potential to explore a mystery that The Good Place has had, and we know this because we know that an unusual island can work as a central mystery for a TV show, because that's literally just LOST. What's more, though LOST is still beloved by some, the ending is very controversial. LOST showed the potential, but there's also a lot of room for improvement on the formula.

Like The Good Place (and LOST), Gilligan's Island features a cast of distinctive characters that play off each other in interesting ways. While the cast of Gilligan's Island never had a chance to develop much due to the episodic format of the show requiring a reset button at the end of each episode, there's plenty of room for character development.

Now, I want to be clear, original shows should come first, but at the same time, they've been trying to remake Gilligan's Island for years now, and it's eventually going to happen, and so, now is a better time than any.