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Phillip Bowman producer 1985-6

I remember this guy took over from Jack Barton when the show was in the post-Meg mid 80s doldrums and gave it a much needed makeover. Sure he wasn't popular axing the Hunters, Glenda & Kevin but placing Nicola Freeman as the new motel queen was a good one. Other new characters Daniel Freeman, Barry Hart & Lorraine Baker were a refreshing youthful addition to the remaining regulars Adam, Jill, Benny, Diane and Kath Brownlow. Outside location shots were a welcome plus too. Alas Phillip went and was replaced by William Smethurst who decided to axe most of Bowman's cast and kill off fan favourite Diane and replace them with actors who mostly worked on Smethurst's previous show the radio soap The Archers. On the whole I admired Phillip Bowman's stint producing Crossroads and wasn't sorry to see it axed after Smethurst's handiwork.