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Favourite character/moment?

Who's your most favourite, nice but dim Benny, Carney even? Wilf had me in hysterics just looking at him hunched up all the time. Ronald Allen (his character, David Hunter)was the smoothie, lounge-lizard type and Adam Chance had the same suave (even his name) demeanour. Remember his outtake in 'It'll be Alright On the Night'? "I'll strangle that xxxxxxx duck!" And what about Shughie McFee? (Played by Angus Lennie) Fresh from 'The Great Escape'("It's Ives, sir, (Lennie's character)he can't take any more!"). And '633 Squadron'. A couple of war movies, then to the battlefield in the kitchen at Crossroads! My fave moment was when David hunter's estranged missus, Rosemary aimed a gun at him stating 'Tell me you love me' - 'I won't... because it isn't true' (He replies in his inimitable Hunteresque-suaveness) again she repeats 'Tell me you love me... say it, say it'. It was quite pathetic! Interestingly, that figured on 'It'll be alright on the Night' as well, where her gun failed to go off and she looked about to swear, or I think she did and it was bleeped then she managed to fire it after not delivering the line and looked well and truly xxxxxx off!


Never watched beyond the opening theme, so my favorite moment was turning over to watch something else.

WTF did you expect to find here?


The character of Benny got a lot of characters' surnames wrong - especially his bosses.

A character named Ivy Prewett, he called her "Mrs Prew".

One of his bosses at the garage - his surname was McGuire - Benny called him "Mr Guire".

Towards the end of his time there, his boss at the garage was Roy Lambert - who looked like Max Farnham from Brookside - which is no surprise, as actor Stephen Pinder played both characters. By now Mrs Freeman ran the motel - only Benny called her "Mrs Foreman".

One scene which featured a goof (slight spoiler, here) was when Roy was telling Benny off for something and said to him something like this (can't remember the exact dialogue verbatim):

ROY: Who helped you, anyway?

BENNY: Mrs Foreman!

ROY: You mean you asked Mrs Foreman to help you?

BENNY: Freeman.

Can't quite remember what Benny had done, though, or the help he got.


When Iris Scott duped Arthur Brownlow into planning a birthday present for his wife in one of the motel chalets, only to accuse him of attempted rape :D


Sandy was my favourite character, i never really liked it as much after he died. And then of course they got rid of meg Richardson which was quite mad. i liked the scottish chef shughie mc fee as well. After all these years though not many moments have stuck in my mind.


From my earliest memory, mid 1970s, I liked Vera Downend who like a lot of her then co-stars left without mention. Sharon Metcalfe was another tart with a heart who was like a stand-in for Vera. Other favourites were Benny & Diane of course, and bad girl come good Iris Scott.


I'd forgotten miss luke, i liked her as well.