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Samantha's Lost Weekend

This is a so-so ep for me; one I very seldom watch, but enjoy when I do. Love Sam eating
all those PB & J sandwiches, biting into the hippie's head of lettuce, etc. Even my mom
enjoyed this ep, and she was never a fan of the show.

One odd thing struck me the other day, though. In the second half of the show, when
Sam keeps falling asleep in the kitchen, Abner comes by, trying to get Sam to sign
a petition. Surely, this scene must've been written for Gladys, as she was the nosy character,
always involved in silly petitions. Abner never got involved in this (in season one's
"Red Light, Green Light", he attends the neighborhood meeting only to eat the cold cuts
and potato salad).

Wonder if Gould was out sick that week, or filming something else.


That episode is actually one of the highlights for me of the last 3 seasons. It was hilarious watching Sam eat all that food....also a bit stomach churning at times just to think of all that she was eating.


I like the FIRST half, but I lose interest in the second (Sam simply falling asleep while standing isn't very inspired,
and it's just not as funny as the first part).

Yes, the PB&J part is really gross (I've never been into peanut butter and jelly - even when I was a kid. Yuck!). Now,
as an adult, I wonder if Liz got super full, what with all the various angles and takes needed to complete a scene.

Yes, I'm still around, but I mostly post on the "I Love Lucy" board. I've tried with this board, but it's absolutely dead.


I don't remember very much about this episode except for Samantha eating and eating and... I hope for Elizabeth Montgomery's sake that they didn't have to do too many takes!

Is this the episode where they are in a grocery store and Sam becomes ravenous? She starts eating cherry tomatoes right in the produce section. I always remember the way she pronounced tomatoes.

She said, "I'm eating cherry to-mah-toes" when the clerk asks her what she is doing.

When I was a kid that was the first time I heard tomatoes pronounced like that.

Coincidentally that's the way Lucille Ball pronounced the word too. In "Ricky Loses His Temper", tomato juice dribbles down his white jacket after Lucy serves it to him in a dribble glass.

Lucy says, "It looks like tomato juice dear" when Ricky asks her what's on his jacket.
She starts to pronounce it as "to-mah-to" and then corrects herself. According to the DVD, Lucille Ball pronounced it as "to-mah-to" , but she didn't want to say it that way as Lucy Ricardo.


Yes, Liz, a Beverly Hills/finishing school alumni, was very EAST Coast in her pronunciation of things. For instance,
"Darrin" is always pronounced "Dah-rin." Ball didn't seem white as prim in her speech, although she was from
the East Coast.

I always thought it was funny the way Lucy pronounced "Please" as "Pwease", and "Los Angeles" as "Los


Well I'm EAST Coast too but NO finishing school. lol My pronunciation is a lot more working class.

Samantha had a very good accent when she was saying a French word or name. I'm thinking of the episode when Endora switched Sam's painting with a museum piece of art by Henri Monchet. (I think that's the spelling)

I used to think it was funny that in the Hollywood episode , Ricky was the only one to pronounce Los Angeles correctly. I mean, it is a Spanish name and he says it correctly.