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One of the best scenes of the series

From when Mother Lurch (Ellen Corby) visits and to impress her Lurch pretends he's the owner of the house with Gomez and Morticia the butler and maid.

Love this scene....

Mother Lurch is standing on furniture ringing the gong for Gomez while Lurch lounges on the couch with a book....
Gomez: You rang?
Mother Lurch: I don't trust you Gomez, you've got shifty eyes! And no good butler wears a mustache.
Gomez: Sorry madam, I was born with it.
Mother Lurch: Where have you been off to, some dark corner with that hussy of a maid?
Gomez (turning to Lurch) Sir! I appeal to you!
Mother Lurch: You don't appeal to him and you don't appeal to me! My son is just too sweet and gentle. People take advantage of him. You're sloppy and inefficient!
Gomez (to Lurch) Sir, please tell her....
Lurch (pausing and taking a breath) You're sloppy and inefficient. (he then licks his finger with the sound of sand paper and flips the page of his book.

The way all three of them interact and the facial expressions never fail to make me laugh out loud.

If Mama Cass had handed that ham sandwich to Karen Carpenter two lives might have been saved


I can picture this ...

Thanks for sharing



This is my favourite scene from the series, and DEFINITELY the best scene with Lurch .


This is great! What episode is this from?