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dvd with english subtitles, when ?

It's a very important movie for people with an kean interest in history.
I hope the studio will realize it.


i am after this film too!

but i can help you as i know where to buy a dubbed German version



Hi Mike

Thank you for the info, I got the german double feature from :
1.Die Lebenden und die Toten
2. Man wirf nicht als Soldat geboren
I also posted them for sale on
also posted 1200 and more comming of such films.
Just use these tag words:
I'm a movie collector of everything Historical.
I order films for my business from around the world.
Titles that would not be available in Northamerica.

I have just started posting them on
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You may find those titles under following tag-words, using the
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19th Century
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Note: Some titles may be in different Movie Regions. Hollywood yields pressure to foreign movie producers, to region code their blue rays and DVD's . So Hollywood hopes they will not be viewable in North America.
But there is a fix:
1.) Most Computer DVD drives play region free
2.) Most DVD players can made region free, or modified to play diffrent regions, by google "region free dvd codes"
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a,b, c....
I was able to purchase them for $ 79.44 at Wall Mart Parry Sound.


Hey how are you doing wiltvid, it's been a couple years since we last talked shop. I've managed to stumble across a few torrent sites that keeps my Ebay and Amazon wish lists fairly vacant but am wondering if you have had any luck with finding English subtitles for this film here? I know the film itself can be downloaded from Internet Archives in 2 parts but is not subtitled. Anyway, just ran across this and saw your good name and dropped you a line. You can be sure if I ever find myself in your parts I'll be sure to visit your store, that is if it's a brick and mortar store. Take care Sir...............Robert

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I'm in the lucky position to speak German, so I got the the German version: "Die Lebenden und die Toten" from However an English subtitled version would be great.
However, I acquired many new Russian War movies with English subtitles over the last 2 years. A visit would be appreciated.