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Updated Wanted:these 1950's & 1960's Elizabeth Montgomery TV Appearances

Updated Wanted:these 1950's & 1960's Elizabeth Montgomery TV Appearances

Contact me at

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If you have them or have any idea as to where they might be found.

Thank You :)

Art Linkletter's House Party Season 4 Episode 67, 2:00 PM December 6, 1955 Host Art Linkletter's guest is actress Elizabeth Montgomery, daughter of actor Robert Montgomery

The Joey Bishop Talk show 90 min. Elizabeth Montgomery Guest appearance Dec.22,1967

I am looking for the 1 hour long Sept.13,1964
ABC Wide World of Entertainment Special
hosted by Bing Crosby at the Hollywood Palace theater, as a ABC Fall Preview Special for the ABC 1964/1965 TV schedule.

It consists of live on stage singing, dancing & skit performances by more then 30 of ABC's new & returning
stars of ABC's 1964/1965 TV schedule, among the stars are Elizabeth Montgomery, Mickey Rooney, Richard Basehart etc.

The Merv Griffin Talk show Dick Sargent appeared on back in late 70/early 71, he brought some onset Bewitched Cast bloopers and a couple scenes of the "magic" with him.

I am looking for the Recut Version of the Bewitched Pilot:

"I Darrin take this witch Samantha" that was repeated on December.31,1964 in Prime Time.

It was both seen & set on New Years Eve as Darrin & Samantha got together
on their first New Years Eve together to reminisce about their wedding night where
she first told him she was a Witch.

This version is different then the original one of this episode seen on Sept.17,1964
as the first episode of Bewitched, it has a special teaser scene i described above
with all new footage in it that was not in the first showing of this episode.

Elizabeth Montgomery on the Merv Griffin Show on Christmas Week December,1970 promoting the Bewitched episode # 213 "Sisters at Heart".

The Charles Schultz 50th anniversary Special of The Charlie Brown Christmas.

On the 50th anniversary of The Charlie Brown Christmas Special, after the show there was a special all about the making of it on ABC.

They showed when Charles Schultz won the Emmy for it (1966 I believe) and in the audience at a table you clearly saw Elizabeth Montgomery and William Asher applauding as they called out his name!

You could see her saying, "Yeah!" as she was applauding.

I am looking for a particular episode of The Hollywood Squares Game show from January, 1976.

It was shown on the Game show Network in about 2002. The two contestants were a Blonde guy about 40 with a Moustache & a Black lady.

The First Question was to Tony Randell about Opera.

These were the stars on it:

Tony Randall,Florence Henderson,Harvey Korman
Robert Fuller,Paul Lynde,Elizabeth Montgomery
Jonathan Winters,Sandy Duncan,Edward Asner.

Bewitched Extras Non-Episode Footage

I am also looking for anything to do with Bewitched outside of the actual episode footage itself, such as Cast Commercials (I have 11), ABC Bewitched Promos (I have 34).
Liz Public service announcements (I have 2).

Bewitched & Elizabeth Montgomery Intros that led right into the start of the show prior to the first scene(I have 7).

The Bewitched Sponsor commercials such as from Quaker Oats,Chevrolet, Kodak (I have 2), Clairol (I have 4), Ban (I have 2), Bufferin ( I have 2), Excedrin (I have 2), Oscar Meyer (I have 2) etc. that ran right after the animated opening & just before the end credits.

I have 7 Quaker Oats Sponsor commercials from the first 4 seasons & 14 Chevrolet Sponsor commercials from the first 4 seasons.

Original Animated Sponsor Openings(I have the Quaker Oats & Chevrolet ones for the first 4 seasons & the Oscar Meyer one from Season 7).

And Sponsor logo animated end credits
(I have the Chevrolet ones for the first 5 seasons & the
Quaker Oats ones for the first 4 seasons & the Kodak one from season 5 & the American Airlines one from Season 7).

And any other unique Bewitched footage such as the Liz introduction & ending that she did for #213 "Sisters at Heart" in describing the episode (I have that one).

I am especially looking for these items from the last 4 seasons of Bewitched.

Here's Hollywood Episode dated June.15, 1961 with
Elizabeth Montgomery & Gig Young.

Armstrong Circle Theater Episodes:
The Right Approach 1953
The Millstone 1954

Robert Montgomery Presents Episodes:
Top Secret 1951
The Half Millionaire(1953)
Two of a Kind(1953)
A Summer Love(1953)
Anne's Story(1953)
Duet for Two Hands(1953)
Red Robin Rides Again(1953)
Pierce 3098(1953)
Grass Roots(1953)
Home Town(1954)
Once Upon a Time 1954
In His Hands 1954
The Expert 1954
Story on 11th Street 1954
It Happened in Paris 1954
Patricia 1954
About Sara Caine 1954
Personal Story 1954
A Matter of Luck 1954
Ten Minute Alibi 1954
The People you Meet 1954
From this day Forward 1954
The Baobab Tree 1956
Dream No More 1956
Catch a Falling Star 1956
Southern Exposure 1956
The Company Wife 1956
Mr. Parker's Rhubarb 1956

Igor Cassini Episode: Movie Revival Ball 1953

Kraft Television Theater Episodes :
Arrowsmith On May 6, 1954
The Diamond as Big as the Ritz(1955)
The Light is Cold(1954)
The Duel(1957)

Down You Go Episode (This was A Game Show)(1955)

Appointment With Adventure Episodes:
"Relative Stranger"(1955)
"All Through the Night"(1956)

Climax! Episode: "The Shadow of Evil"(1956)

Suspicion Episode: "The Velvet Vault"(1958)

The Loretta Young Show
Episode "Marriage Crisis"(1959)

The Tab Hunter Show
Episode "For Love or Money"(1960)

One Step Beyond
(only the Uncut Version or a 1st Generation edited version)
Episode: "The Death Waltz"(1960)

National Velvet Episode "For Money Or Love" 1960"

Theater 62 Episode "The Spiral Staircase"(1961)

The Boston Terrier Pilot "Salem Witch Hunt"(1963)

Eleventh Hour Episode "The Bronze Locust"(1963)

The Annual ABC Fall Preview Special (1967) to (1971)
that was on every Fall.

Tournament of Roses Parade (1967)on ABC with Elizabeth Montgomery Hosting .....

Emmy Awards With Elizabeth Montgomery Presenting or accepting in 1961,1965-1971,1974,& 1975,
in particular in 1966,1967,1968,1969, & 1971.

Emmy Awards 23rd Emmy Broadcast 1971
With Elizabeth Montgomery as a Presenter.
As well she was a Presenter & Accepter of Emmy Awards
for other cast members such as Alice Pierce in 1966, Agnes Moorehead in 1967
& Marion Lorne in 1968 as well as a presenter in other years as well.

Basically i would like any Emmy Footage that had her in it 1961-1975.

The Hollywood Squares:

Nov. 9 to 13 1970

May 1 to 5 1972

June 19 to 23 1972

Nov. 10 to 14 1975

Jan. 19 to 23 1976


Bill Bixby vs. Elizabeth Montgomery

April 5 to 9 1971

Chad Everett vs. Elizabeth Montgomery

Sept. 13 to 17 197

Peter Lawford vs. Elizabeth Montgomery

Nov. 29 to Dec. 3 1971

Carol Burnett vs. Elizabeth Montgomery

Feb. 7 to 11 1972

Elizabeth Montgomery vs. Paul Lynde

July 17 to 21 1972

Elizabeth Montgomery vs. Richard Long

Oct. 2 to 6 1972

Elizabeth Montgomery vs. Bert Convy

Dec. 4 to 8 1972

The 4-Star Charity Weekday Tournament

April 9 to 13 1973

Password All-Star Weekday Charity Tournament

June 11 to 15 1973

Elizabeth Montgomery vs. Robert Foxworth

Nov. 19 to 23 1973

The 4-Star Battle of the Sexes Charity Tournament

Jan. 7 to 11 1974

Elizabeth Montgomery vs. Carol Burnett

April 22 to 26 1974

July 15 to 19 1974

July 29 to Aug.2 1974

March 24 to 28 1975

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