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Lots of 'time wasting' scenes...

...LOVE the atmopshere, but dang it, SO many time wasting, "nothing-going-on" scenes killed it!!!


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I agree. One could argue that they're trying to build the environment or set the tone for the picture, but it's really not engaging enough for that to work. In a better work, the moments of quiet within the castle might give the audience a feel for Mary's isolation or anxiety. Unfortunately, the acting and characterization aren't good enough to warrant that. It's just empty.

Give the punisher some more screen time or fill some of the scenes with meaningful conversation. We followed Mary around for the better part of 80 minutes and we know so little about her. Either have some action or give characterization to the leads, but you have to give the audience something of substance if the film is going to have merit.


Fully agreed. 3/10 from me.