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Breaking Down Bergman on The Silence

Breaking Down Bergman is a webseries where myself, David Friend, and co-host Sonia Strimban explore at Ingmar Bergman's career in detail.

In this episode we delve into The Silence, and our discussion has riled up some Bergman fans. Let us know what you think of this video and our entire series.

Here's The Silence:


big fan of bergman,and i DO like this movie..but he does have a tendancy to re-visit his alienation themes over and over again,and his use of certain shots(one woman facing the audience,the other in side- view) can become across as a bit affected,as does his symbolism(knight playing death in chess,and ,in this film,dwarfs??)..criticisms asisde,awesome,complicated acting and very interesting subtext,and,as usual,room for the audience to inject their own stuff